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Hydraulic engineering / Water management

Our services / references:

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  • Landscape ecology / flood protection
  • River development / renaturation / fish-pass
  • Storage reservoirs and water retention basins
  • Flooding concepts
  • Hydrological measuring devices
  • Automation / remote control and process control technology
  • New building and renovation of hydraulic structures
  • Treatment of rainwater


Share common aims, join forces: This is what we mean by partnership.

Nature and environmental protection were always in relationship with hydraulic engineering. Sensitive and imaginative planning, especially in renaturation of water courses, use of abandoned opencast pits and flood protection measures can ensure an optimum integration of structures into the environment.

In the overall planning, the complete service from inventory report to building supervision presents a standard line with cost reduction potentials.


Hydraulic engineering and water management in detail:

River-bank remediation: Flooding mostly occurs after prolonged periods of heavy stormwater events. We all know the extent this can reach. Adequate precautions can be taken with automatic flood detention basins and river-bank remediation.

Renaturation: The aim of renaturation is to return a water course to its natural state. The prime objectives are the creation of hydro-ecological conditions and the guarantee, that flood protection needs are catered for.

Surface drainage: With the help of retention soil filters - a hydraulic water management tool - stormwater runoff from urban roads is stored and purified. The plant retains impact loads and reduces the pollutants contained.

Hydrologic measuring instruments: Accurate knowledge of current water levels is important, for example for the work of automatic flood alarms. For this reason, level indicator stations are installed in all relevant flowing waters which assure automatic reading and continuous recording of the level and make it easy to call these data via the network.

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